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Comedy roles add excitement to my acting career: Shakti Kapoor

Comedy roles add excitement to my acting career: Shakti
By Francis A. Clifford Cardozo
Arab Times Staff

KUWAIT CITY, May 25, 2008:

From being a baddie to an actor who can tickle the funny bone, the journey of well-known Bollywood star Shakti Kapoor has been of even consistency.
Kapoor’s finesse to dish out both comedy and villainous roles with equal panache has
made him a household name and a much sought after actor among Bollywood directors.
Kapoor was in Kuwait for a shoot of the film “Kahin Na Kahin Milenge...,” which is
being helmed by T-Bush and Arif Kazi. The film also stars Kiran Kumar, Manisha
Kelkar, Razak Khan, Amit Bhanshuli, Diana Rodrigues, Naresh Nagada, Zoffin among

In an interview to the Arab Times on Sunday, Kapoor avers that soon after crossing
over 200 films, he grew tired of playing villainous roles. “At that point, I thought
comedy would infuse an element of excitement in my acting career and that is what
precisely happened. Today I am happy that I made the right decision.”
The actor finds a comedy role more exigent as against playing a baddie. “It is a
daunting task to play a comedy role for it is tall order to make people laugh. One the other hand, anyone can scare people or make them sad,” he adds.

Internationally, Kapoor is the only actor to have acted in a staggering 750 films and will “continue acting till his last breath.”

In the film “Kahin Na Kahin Milenge...,” Kapoor stars as a patriot, who is proud of his Indian culture, and laments the fact that it is besieged by Western influence.
He has a daughter, whom he showcases as the best daughter in the world, but soon realizes to his horror that she is pregnant outside the wedlock and this knocks out the stuffing in him.

“The film is packed with emotion and people are definitely going to remember mother India when they watch it. The film also showcases the culture of Kuwait.
Kuwaitis hold Indians in high esteem and people of both countries share brotherly


In his career spanning over 30 years, Kapoor teamed with another talented actor
Kader Khan, and both have churned out some of the finest slapstick flicks Bollywood
has ever made. Kapoor was nominated for the Filmfare Award in the Best Comedian
category many a time but won only once for his role in the film Raja Babu which set the box office on fire.

Kapoor says the entire crew of the film “Kahin Na Kahin Milenge...” has been in high spirits and everyone worked in perfect harmony thereby creating camaraderie. “I am of the firm belief that the film is strong technique and story wise and as a result should do well at the box office. If everything goes according to the plans, the film should hit the streets by end of this year.”

The actor found himself in the eye of controversy when he reportedly asked a journalist, posing as an aspiring actress, for sexual favours in a sting operation.
Terming the reports as baseless, he thundered:
“It was utter rubbish. Somebody hatched a conspiracy against me. What is
important is that film industry gave me a clean chit as so also my fans and friends
stood by me. The truth eventually prevailed and everyone has seen what happened.”
“Acting is all about being ought to express your emotions in a very natural manner and this comes with experience.
As far as I am concerned, Al Pacino is a vibrant and gifted actor who can rise to any
type of role,” he adds.

Though he has not starred in any Hollywood films so far, the actor turned down roles from the industry what he described as unsuitable for his character. “I am not averse to the idea of acting in the Hollywood but I want to do central roles and
nothing short of it,” he explained.
“The Bollywood is often called the copycat industry but this is totally unfair. We have to realize that the Hollywood has also been copying our films and if copying is done with a touch of sophistication then I think no one should have a problem.”


Satte Pe Satta, Naseeb, Bhagam Bhag, Qurbani, Raja Babu, Meri Awaz Suno are some of the films that top his favorite list.
Sharing his experience involving his Kuwaiti fans, the actor said: “I was touched
by the warmth and affection the people of Kuwait has shown towards me. During my
shoots, Kuwaitis approached and told me that they have been regularly watching my
films. I consider this as a huge compliment and my biggest reward.”

The veteran actor says he has not directed nor produced any films so far but may flirt with the idea at some point of time.
Kapoor secured a diploma in acting from the Film Institute of India in Pune and the
institute has the distinction of producing some great actors and directors including:
Kiran Kumar, Vidu Vinod Chopra, David Dhawan, Raza Murad, Navin Nischal, Shabana Azmi among others.

Kapoor’s forthcoming films include:
Haste Haste, Bhatti and Chutti, Rafu Chakar, Tara Sitara, among others.
Kapoor, who has acted in several regional language films, says Bollywood is moving in
the right direction and is almost at par with Hollywood in terms of technique wise and that it is encouraging to see Indian films going global.

“Of late we have been seeing a lot of offbeat films which are low budget. This is necessary when you are experimenting and many such offbeat films have done well at
the box office. According to me, a good film is one which makes you feel good and you
cherish it for a long time be it a comedy or a horror film. In short, a good film will be etched in the memory of people for a long time,” he concluded.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kahin Na Kahin Milenge..... T-Bush International Films venture

Camera, Lights, Sound, Action
By William Fernandes

Kuwait May 22, 2008: It's amazing and surprising to see this young, dynamic and extremely energetic Goan lad T-Bush, who remains well focused and dreams boundless. Man with a heart of steel, shot to fame with his short film, "The Letter" which won him awards in America and England in the short film category. Soon he made history by producing and directing the first ever Konkani E-Cinema "Black" in Kuwait and won the hearts of thousands of Indians in Kuwait and all over the world. The film shooting was exclusively done in Kuwait.

The 18th of May, 2008 marked the beginning of a new era; the first ever full length Hindi film took off with the Muharrat at the Al Shaab Leisure Park. Mr. Dinesh Bhatia, Indian Embassy Charge De affairs broke the traditional coconut and Mr. Dawood Hussain gave the Muharrat Clapper. Speaking at the launch Mr Bhatia said that the Indian community residing in Kuwait is proud that an Indian star cast will be shooting in Kuwait for the first time in the history of Indian cinema; the film will further strengthen the existing bond between the two countries India and Kuwait and help in the exchange of cultural cooperation.

Dawood Hussain, famous Kuwaiti Film star applauded and encouraged the idea of making Hindi film in Kuwait. Addressing the audience in Hindi Mr. Dawood said, "I always had a dream to make a film with Bollywood film stars, but today I feel it's accomplished". Versatile Cine star Shakti Kapoor said, It's amazing to see the number of lovely people gathered for the Muharrat of the Film Kahin Na Kahin Milenge. He went on the say, "I am touched by the warmth shown by the people in Kuwait, at the airport and elsewhere". Shakti Kapoor kept the crowd smiling with his awe jokes and pranks. Kiran Kumar who plays a main character in the Film, said that he was very happy at the warmth and welcome accorded to them on their arrival to Kuwait. I hope the film makes the relations between the two countries more strong and leaves lasting imprints, he added. Earlier Kiran Kumar requested the print and electronic media to give maximum coverage to the venture and contribute in making the film a big success.

Speaking at the launch T-Bush Producer and Director of the Film Kahin Na Kahin Milenge said in kind words "I need your support" to all the cast and the people gathered. The other cast also spoke on the occasion and praised the young Director on his History making Venture, and pledged to make the film a memorable one with their contribution on screen. Air India Manager Mr. Krishen C. Bhar said, that he was trilled to receive the film stars on their arrival at Kuwait International Airport, he further went on to say that, Air India will extend full support and cooperation to the venture.

At the beginning of the event, one minute silence was observed in memory of the Late Father Amir of the State of Kuwait HH Sheikh Saad Al Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah, who passed away few days back. The event was compered by Arif Kazi, while Dinner was served by Winner's Restaurant. The Times will carry interviews with the Bollywood star cast and publish in the weeks ahead, till then watch out.

Meet & Dine with Bollywood Stars On Friday May 23, 2008

T-Bush International Films gives you an opportunity to meet and dine with Bollywood Stars on Friday, May 23, 2008, at 8.00 pm onwards at Dahya Fencing Hall. The leading bollywood stars Kiran Kumar, Shakti Kapoor, Razak Khan (Pappu Kangi) Kishore Bhanushali (Junior Dev Anand) Manisha Kelkar, Amit Bhanushali, Zoffin Dilawer, Naresh Nagada, Humayun Peerzada, Mahadev Yadav, Umar Sheriff, Pradip Pednekar, Hrmant Agarwal, Azhar Kazi & Diana Rodrigues.

Cinematographer Basheer Ali & Duo Directors T-Bush/Arif Kazi. The event is sponsored by Kuwait Continental Hotel. For further inquires please contact 2527300 ext. 7, 6215307 & 9391452.
By Gasper Crasto

Kuwait May 11, 2008: T-Bush International Films, registered with "Motion Pictures Producers Association" will host a Muharrat (ceremony to launch shooting of the film) on 16th May 2008 in Kuwait.

T-Bush International Films confirmed signing top Bollywood Cinematographer to shoot the film titled 'KAHIN NA KAHIN'. The movie will be shot in Kuwait and other select locales.

The film produced by T-Bush International Films will feature celebrated Bollywood stars. The local talent too will have several opportunities to star in the movie.

The Leading Bollywood Stars include Kiran Kumar, Shakti Kapoor, Razak Khan (Pappu Kangi), Kishore Bhonushali (Junior Dev Anand), Manisha Kelkar, Amit Bhanushali, Zoffine Dilawar, Naresh Nagda, Humayun Peerzada, Mahadev Yadav, Umar Sheriff, Pradip Pednekar, Hemant Agrawal, Azhar Kazi, Diani Rodricks, Mosamibahen Rana, Basheer Ali.

The Music Director will be Nazir Mate, and the background singers will Kumar Sanu, Mohammed Azis, Pamela Zain, Mujtaba Aziz Naba.

The dialogues of the film are written by renowned Bollywood writer Harish Kotian. Kuwait's popular filmmaker and International award winner T-Bush will direct the film. The screenplay will be by T-Bush and Harish Kotian. Arif Kazi based in Kuwait is the Associate Director of the film.

The much in demand Cinematographer Basheer Ali is one of the high-status signs for the film. Most people confuse cinematography with photography and look at the good-looking visuals only. In a film, the cinematographer is responsible for the technical aspects of the images (lighting, lens choices, composition, exposure, filtration, film selection), but works closely with the director to ensure that the artistic aesthetics are supporting the director's vision of the story being told. Cinematographers are the heads of the camera, grip and lighting crew on a set, and for this reason they are often called as directors of photography. Basheer belongs to the school which believes in the kind of cinematography that tells a story.

The much in demand Basheer has been amazing with his visuals in several Hindi blockbusters such as 'Refugee', 'Border', etc. He was the first to unearth the talents of Bollywood superstars Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor in their debut film 'Refugee'.

The local artistes for 'Kahin Na Kahin' will be finalized soon.

For further inquires please contact: 7402448, 9391452, and 9540232. Email: or